Announcing a New Partnership!

I am pleased to announce that MBD Consulting, LLC has a new partnership with MSL Healthcare Partners.  MSL Healthcare Partners will be partnering with MBD Consulting to provide Life Safety and Environment of Care expertise to our already highly experienced group.  Our Principal, Maureen D’Agostino said, “their website states a clear vision that fits well with MBD Consulting. One belief, one philosophy”

From their web site, At MSL Healthcare Partners, we have an obsession with safety. We will never conceal, compromise or apologize for our dedication to making the healthcare environment safer, with an ultimate goal of completely eliminating preventable errors. Yes, we’re saying it, and we’ll say it again: We believe that all members of the healthcare community can work together to one day eliminate preventable errors in our healthcare environments. To achieve such a goal, the status quo will not suffice. The lowest common denominator, the bare minimum, the excuses, the don’t-raise-your-head-up philosophy will never do.

Welcome to the MBD Consulting family.


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