Welcome to my website.  This is my very first post.  After more than 30 years in healthcare and the last 25 years in a healthcare system I have left to start my own consulting business.  My passion is competent clinical care for patients, a safe environmentally strong buildings for employees to come to work in and a well prepared healthcare organization ready at a moments notice to support their communities in times of disaster both internally and locally to the communities that are served.  With this all wrapped around a service excellence model that is in support of everyone who comes in contact with you and your organization.

As a recognized national expert in accreditation and regulatory survey preparedness, I walk hand in hand with the healthcare staff to create processes that assure competent clinical and safe environments to pass any accreditation or regulatory survey.

Knowledge of the inner workings of the accrediting agencies and CMS process is an invaluable tool that aids in the survey process and during the actual survey.  It is because of my years of integration with these groups that I have been able to obtain such a strong background in these processes.

Service is the cornerstone of all we do.  How we treat each other transcends to your patients. Rounding with a purpose on every patient is a learned process. I can teach you how to cover service, safety, accreditation, infection control and meet the needs of your patient in seconds.

Ask me a question, what’s on your mind?


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